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Welcome to another post on our blog! This time we will talk about automotive hoses and everything you need to know about them: what they are, what types there are and how they are manufactured.  If you want to know more about this important part of a vehicle engine, read on.

What are the hoses in a car?

In an engine we can find liquids and vapors that are responsible for everything working perfectly. In order for these elements to be transported from one side of the engine to the other, we need a path through which they can pass. These are the hoses.

Hoses can be made of different materials (some of them have several layers), although rubber hoses are more common. However, we can find hoses lined with braided cable and other materials that provide greater resistance to liquids and vapors.

These liquids and vapors circulate through the hoses under enormous pressure, so we must check from time to time that they are in perfect condition. A hose failure can damage the entire engine.


Types of automotive hoses

Although we may think otherwise, there is not only one type of car hose. The truth is that there are a lot of them, because they have great importance in the proper functioning of the vehicle. For that reason, each type of car hose has its own characteristics that make it ideal for its function. Let’s take a look to the different automotive hoses in the market.

Coolant automotive hoses

Coolant hoses are essential for the proper functioning of an engine, since they are responsible for transporting coolant liquid. The coolant liquid is responsible for lowering the temperature of the engine, since it becomes so high that the engine may get damaged. This type of hose is not suitable for fuel, as fuel can damage the fabric of the hose and render it useless.

Heater automotive hoses

On the other hand, heater hoses have a very similar function, but with a different purpose. The hot air released by the coolant hoses passes through the heater hoses until it reaches the heater core of the vehicle. From there, the hot air can be used for the car’s air conditioning. The heater hoses are made of the same material as the coolant hoses.

Hydraulic automotive hoses

In the cars we can find hydraulic systems of different types. Therefore, different types of hoses are needed for each use. Hydraulic hoses have several layers, as these hoses usually work with a very high level of pressure. One of these layers is usually made of braided wire to reinforce the hose, while the outer layer protects the hose from external agents.

Low/high pressure fuel automotive hoses

The hoses used to transport fuel in the engine can be divided into two types: low pressure hoses and high pressure hoses. Many fuel hoses have a nylon layer to reinforce the hose and are usually made of black nitrile. We should not confuse the different types of hoses, as a large amount of pressure can seriously damage a low pressure hose.

Vacuum automotive hoses

A vacuum hose, as its name suggests, transports a vacuum manifold to different parts of an engine. There are several types of vacuum hoses, of different sizes (usually from 2mm to 10mm) and for different purposes.

A/C automotive hoses

There are two types of A/C hoses: barrier and non-barrier. These are very thick hoses reinforced with nylon threads in the middle layer, which give the hose greater flexibility and strength. An air conditioning system in a vehicle uses these types of hoses because they resist the high pressure of the refrigerant.


Checking the hoses in a car: be careful!

We must have it clear that a revision of the hoses of a car is essential for the proper functioning of it. The hoses are objects that suffer a great amount of pressure day after day and, in addition, they also suffer the corrosive elements that are in fuel, refrigerant liquid or vapor.

For this reason, hoses should be checked regularly. Each type of hose has a different average life, and we should not let a lot of years go by to replace an old hose with a new one, even though we think it may be working perfectly.

How are automotive hoses created?

One of the most important components in the manufacture of hose for a car is the mandrel. These mandrels must be made of stainless steel if we want them to be of good quality.

The first step to make a hose is to inject the material (rubber if we are talking about rubber hoses for cars) through an extruder. Here we can add another type of materials to reinforce the hose.

Once the hose is created and cut to the required dimensions, it is placed on a mandrel to give them the shape we need. After some time, in which we have applied products to improve its performance, we get our final result.


Inoxform, where the automotive hose manufacturing process begins

We hope you liked our article about automotive hoses and everything you need to know about them. As mentioned before, an important part of their manufacture is the mandrels.

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We use the best materials to ensure the durability of our products. That’s why we choose stainless steel to manufacture the mandrels that will shape the hoses.

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