CNC Machining workshop

CNC Machining workshop

Nowadays, finding a good CNC machining workshop is not an easy task. At Inoxform you will find everything you need, counting on experts in automotive parts machining with experience, professionalism and the latest technology machinery.



Machining workshop for every, stainless steel parts

It doesn’t matter what type of stainless steel product you need. The Inoxform team is full of experts in manufacturing, welding and bending solutions.

With our knowledge and more than 25 years of experience, we will design and produce every piece you need. For that purpose, we have the best machining equipment and the latest technology in 3D scanners for the design of automotive parts.

Why choosing Inoxform as your CNC machining workshop?

There are a lot of reasons why Inoxform has become atrue world reference in the stainless steel manufacturing and design market. These are the reasons that make us the best option in machining workshops:

Enviable equipment: We have the latest machines and tools to manufacture automotive parts: CNC lathes, sawing machines, milling machines, compressors, polishers, etc.

Solid experience: more than 25 years working on the field have helped us learn to improve in every aspect day by day..

Highly qualified professionals: Without a doubt, we wouldn’t have become a world reference without our team. We have the best professionals, with experience in every kind of processes to get the best results.

Highest quality materials: At Inoxform we know that work also depends on the materials that we use. That’s why we only look for the best quality materials that guarantee an optimal durability in every designed piece. This is the only way to become the best machining workshop..

How to get the best CNC machining workshop services?

You only need to contact Inoxform. Only here you will find the best quality materials, an experimented team and the most competitive fares in the market.

We will be delighted to guide and advise you on everything related to our CNC machining workshop, as well as on every process related to automotive parts manufacturing, 3D prototype design, tools, etc.

Get to know us and discover a world reference in tooling for automotive hoses industry market. Discover Inoxform.

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