Everything you need to know about CNC machines

Welcome to another article on our blog! In today’s article we’ll delve deeper into the subject of CNC machining, and talk in depth about the different types of CNC machines we can find in the industry.

CNC milling machines

As we mentioned in our previous blog article on CNC milling machines, in this type of CNC machines the material block is located on top of the tool table and it is the cutting tool that rotates inside the spindle, which moves thanks to the code that a specialist has inserted in a CNC controller.

Usually we find models of CNC milling machines with 3 axes up to 6 or more – it depends on the complexity of the part we want to create, since we will have greater freedom of movement if we have a bigger number of axes.

The cutting tools can be made of different types of material (carbon steel or ceramics, for example), and can be of different sizes to make different types of precision cutting.

CNC lathes

On the other hand, a CNC lathe is a CNC machine in which the block of material we are going to shape is fixed to a main spindle that makes it rotate, while the cutting tool is located in another spindle. For this reason, a CNC lathe is perfect for creating parts with radial symmetry.

In a CNC lathe we can find several cutting tools at the same time, which are located in a large spindle with holes for all of them. From the CNC controller we can program which tool to use for each process.

As in the case of CNC milling machines, we can also find CNC lathes that have from 2 axes to 6 or more axes. Using one type of CNC lathe or another will depend on the complexity of the part we want to make, as well as the time savings we want to have.


CNC laser cutters

With a CNC laser cutter, we can obtain great precision when cutting, as well as fantastic finishes, especially on edges. This is a CNC machine that wastes and pollutes little, as well as having a lower maintenance cost.

The great precision of this type of machine allows us to create pieces of great complexity, whatever the material. In a CNC laser cutter, the laser is directed at the part thanks to a lens that sends the laser beam produced by the generator through the cutting head (laser is the acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). CNC laser cutters are usually moved in three axes: X, Y and Z.

CNC plasma cutters

CNC plasma cutters are often used to cut electrically conductive materials. In these CNC machines, a plasma torch is in charge of cutting the block of material (aluminum, stainless steel, etc.). This is a tool that has seen how its price has been reduced with the advancement of technology, but there different ranges of prices depending on the power of the machine.

How can we cut with plasma? To create plasma, compressed air or gas must be forced at high speed through a nozzle. Then, we introduce an electric arc into the gas, resulting in the creation of plasma (or ionized gas). This is a CNC machine that creates a lot of sparks when cutting the material block, so it needs more space than normal to be able to work safely.

CNC grinders

A CNC grinder is a CNC machine that uses an abrasive wheel to cut and shape a block of a chosen material. This grinding wheel rotates at high speed and achieves perfect finishes on the parts we have created, so it is normally used to give the final touches to these parts.

The grinding wheel is a piece in the shape of a circle with an abrasive edge that rotates to create the final piece. Due to the shape of the tool, this is a very complex machine, as we can “burn” the piece if we have not chosen the right type of grinding wheel.


CNC drilling machines

A CNC drilling machine is a CNC machine with space for different drilling heads which, thanks to computer numerical control, can automate the whole drilling process. It is usually considered another type of milling machine due to its operation, although the type of cut is very limited, as it is only used for the creation of precision holes.

In the same CNC drilling machine we can have different drilling heads to achieve different holes of maximum precision and better efficiency as we do not have to replace the drill heads manually.

Inoxform, world reference in CNC machining

We hope you liked our article about everything you need to know about CNC machines. It’s an exciting and very interesting topic with great application in different sectors of industry.

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