Automotive Tool Manufacturers

We are automotive tool manufacturers with over 25 years of experience on the market, producing a great variety of tools to meet the requirements of our customers.

What do we do as automotive tool manufacturers?

We produce various types of tools from diameter 3 up to 100 that are essential for automotive industry—vacuum hoses, fuel hoses, water hoses, lubrication and transmission oil hoses, cooling / heating circuits hoses, charge air line systems
and hoses for batery.

There are specific tools for each part of the vehicle, so we need a wide range of instruments to work with. Technological and industrial evolution has developed an extensive array of tools so we have everything we need to manufacture new products.

What kind of tools are there?

Progress has let automotive tool manufacturers produce more and more different kinds of tools and instruments with more precision and accuracy than ever. Here are some examples of tools we produce in our company:


Mandrels and caps

They are pieces that are used to give form to hoses, for example. They bear big weights and temperatures without any problem. They are placed in both ends of the mandrel to avoid movement of the piece and to mark them upon client’s request.


Control Gauge

We manufacture control gauges that are used to control the shape of rubbers sleeves, checking that the meet the required diameters and the shape according to the required specifications.


Technical developments

Thank to our extensive experience within the sector, we can offer you a professional services that suits your needs.

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Benefits of relying on automotive tool manufacturers

Efficient production

Using the appropriate tools favours an optimal and efficient production and thus helps reducing costs in most cases.

Guaranteed safety

Only quality tools can guarantee complete safety during the whole process.

Greater durability

Perfect tools are those that resist time. That is why in Inoxform we only produce quality tools.

Why is Inoxform a world reference among automotive tool manufacturers?

Inoxform has become a leader company in tooling for automotive hoses industry market. That is what more than 25 years of experience has given to us.

It’s all about the facts: we have extended our activities to Europe and Latin America – we can send there our products.

Among our manufacturing equipment, you can find machines of the latest generation, such as: Multitasking 5 axis machining center, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, universal milling machine, automatic band-saw, a centerless grinder, welding sets and
many more!

We are sure you will find what you need.
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