CNC milling services


CNC milling services

You will find the best CNC milling services at Inoxform. We are experts in the manufacturing of stainless steel parts for the automotive sector: lasts, prototypes, series production, etc. We can design and produce everything related to automotive parts.

What does ‘milling’ mean?

Milling is a piece machining system that uses coordinates indicating the cut patterns of the piece to the milling machine. The CNC milling machine has a rotating tool (milling cutter) that has several cutting edges, whose movement produces the cut and the form of the piece we have to mechanize.

These milling cutters rotate on the coordinate axes, extracting the materials on the surface on which they work to get the desired results.

What can Inoxform do that no other CNC milling service can?

Having the best milling services at your disposal will guarantee the quality and reliance that you need. Thanks to our milling services, we give shape to a great quantity of pieces that stand out because of the final result.

For that purpose, we have the latest technology universal CNC milling machine, which we use to produce every type of stainless steel automotive parts. Besides, thanks to our CNC lathe, we apply the correct amount of precision at any time.

We should also note that we have more than 15 years of experience in the automotive parts manufacturing sector. During this time, we have learned day by day to always offer the best results. We also have a highly qualified team with expertise in every process that takes part in manufacturing.

Mazak Integrex
Mazak Integrex i-100 Bartac-1

How to get the best automotive CNC milling services

The answer is easy: at Inoxform. You just have to contact us to get everything you need with our milling services.

Our experience has made us a world reference in the automotive parts manufacturing sector
– we are prepared for every request that you want to make. We work thoroughly on every stainless steel automotive parts design and manufacturing process.

Wait no further and discover the best option in the CNC milling services market. Discover Inoxform.

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