Inoxform is a world reference among stainless steel components manufacturers. With more than fifteen years of experience in the automotive industry, we have become a world-reference in this sector.

How do we manufacture stainless steel components?

To manufacture our products, we need to have a verified prototype – we will use it to verify that it is not necessary to implement more manual adjustments. That piece passes through our quality department before we use it to produce the components.

This piece, or prototype (also called sample), is provided by the client. The client can also provide another mould or gauge made of a different material, with which it is possible to verify that the steel mandrel is suited perfectly for the given specifications.

If the client doesn’t provide said gauge, we will make one based on the sample we were sent – of course, always ensuring that it is identical. When we have checked all of this, we start producing the stainless steel components that you have requested.

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Benefits of stainless steel components manufacturers

You already know how a stainless steel components manufacturer works. However, you might ask yourselves: How do we benefit from this? Please let us explain:

Better production quality

When the stainless steel components manufacturing is based on using a verified and perfected mould, the result is a better quality in those pieces.

Costs and time reduction

We need fewer resources and personnel in the serial production of a component, but we can also get a bigger number of pieces this way.

More efficiency

It is possible to produce more components in a shorter time – great to meet the demands of the market.

Why choosing Inoxform as your stainless steel components manufacturer?

We have become a world reference company in the automotive industry. Backing us up are more than fifteen years of experience and clients from whole Europe and Latin America, to where we can send the components we produce without the customer having to worry about the safety of the project.

Moreover, as a stainless steel components manufacturer, we have the best and most advanced equipment to produce the components as well as the gauges that are needed for their production.

If you want to have the best stainless steel components for your automobile company, do not hesitate

Feel free to request a quote and ask for more information about us and our work.
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