Prototype Manufacturing

3D printing is nowadays getting more and more important in several fields. That is why Inoxform helps you with 3D printing prototype manufacturing for the automotive sector, thanks to our sophisticated 3D scanner.

3D prototypes manufacturing – what is it?

3D printing prototypes are guides that are created by a 3D printer and used in prototype manufacturing. These parts are completely functional – they can be used in every sort of automotive item.

Thanks to our 3D printing prototypes, we can get a better resource optimization – operation will be optimal while manufacturing costs are reduced.

What is the 3D prototypes manufacturing process?


Hose mandrel

Before producing the mandrels, we must manufacture their prototype. You can send us the coordinates and particular specifications of the piece and we will produce a 3D prototype design.


2D Plans

Later, we implement parameterization programs and we get 2D full-scale plans. These are manufactured with a thorough review of the position of each piece based on given coordinates.


Check with 3D scanner

Finally, we check these prototypes with our sophisticated 3D scanner. We send the parts (prototypes) to the client so that they can test if the rubbers are suited for the engine. Once the test is done, the prototypes are returned to us.

Benefits of 3D prototype manufacturing

3D prototype manufacturing will give you unparalleled benefits if you are in the automotive sector. These are some of those benefits:

Lower production costs

We don’t need to make bigger investments, as we consume fewer resources.

Shorter production times

This process is fast and it allows for a more agile manufacturing.

Customized results

Thanks to 3D prototype manufacturing it is possible to get customized parts.

Why trust Inoxform for prototype manufacturing?

We are a company with more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. As prototype parts manufacturers, we also produce stainless steel parts and tools for automobiles. Furthermore, we are a world reference – we send our products to Europe and Latin America.

We have the best and most complete product manufacturing equipment: a CNC lathe, a universal milling machine, a center-less grinder, an automatic band-saw, a universal centre lathe, welding sets, a belt-sander, a compressor, a polisher, drills, a circular saw and more.

We offer you the best results.
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