7 benefits of 3D prototyping

Welcome to another article on our blog. In today’s article, we’ll talk about the benefits of prototyping and how we can apply them to our business in order to grow and increase our efficiency. This technology allows us to save time and costs, in addition to a host of possibilities that we will discuss below.

What is 3D prototyping?

3D prototyping has become an essential process for companies that want to evolve with new technologies and benefit from the advantages they offer. With 3D prototyping, we create guides that will later be useful for the manufacturing of new parts thanks to a 3D printer. The 3D printer works thanks to the design that we have prepared in a specialized program based on fixed coordinates.

For example, if we want to manufacture hose mandrels, we will first create a 3D prototype. In this way, we make sure that the part we are going to create is just what we are looking for and works perfectly. As a result, we save costs and time and ensure optimum quality.

We can find 3D prototyping in different industries, such as aeronautics, architecture, medicine or the automotive sector.

Benefits of 3D prototyping

The benefits of prototyping are so great. It is not surprising that it is a technology that is increasingly being used. 3D prototyping will help us grow and has applications in many areas of our daily lives. More and more companies have experts in 3D prototyping to develop and evolve.

Next, we’ll look at the various benefits of prototyping, from greatly reduced production costs to the ability to manufacture complex parts.


Reduced production times

We know how important it is to reduce production times for a company. This gives us a clear advantage over other companies that have not opted for 3D prototyping. By manufacturing parts faster, we have more time to test them, so you can do in days (or even hours) what it used to take a week or two.

Lower production costs

With 3D prototyping, we will save on production costs thanks to the ability to detect problems early. We know that finding a problem in the design of a part increases the production time and, therefore, the costs. However, with prototyping we will make sure that the part we are going to create is in perfect condition in a short time. To sum up, we consume fewer resources, so we don’t need to make bigger investments.

Early identification of problems

As we have already mentioned, 3D prototyping allows us to identify in advance any problem we need to fix. The perfect functioning of all parts in industries like the automotive sector is of great importance, so we must make sure in time that no failure occurs. This saves time and reduces production costs.

Testing of functionalities and result verification

How can we detect early any problem in the part thanks to the 3D prototyping? This technology is becoming more and more advanced, and the pieces we create thanks to 3D printing are as functional as any other. In this way, we can test how it works and take note of any improvements before starting mass production.

Customized results

Thanks to 3D prototyping, each customer will be able to obtain customized parts, rather than having to resort to parts produced in series for several customers. In this way, we ensure that the specifications of each part are exactly what the customer wants.

Isolated production

Another of the great benefits of prototyping is that it is possible to produce parts discontinuously, without having to follow an assembly line. Each design is developed by a specialist who follows certain coordinates, so we can manufacture unique pieces at any time.

Complex parts manufacturing

Finally, the advanced state of 3D prototyping gives us one of its greatest benefits: the creation of highly complex parts. To do this, we will need the latest generation of machines and tools, but as the years go by, it becomes easier to create these complex parts in a short time (and that was unthinkable years ago).


How can the automotive sector benefit from 3D prototyping?

The automotive sector is one of the major beneficiaries of the emergence of 3D prototyping. As we have seen before, there are many benefits of prototyping, and we can apply all of them to companies that are responsible for the manufacture of automotive parts.

The automotive sector is an industry in which every component must be detailed with absolute precision, as any failure can lead to a larger failure. For this reason, 3D prototyping or CNC machining will ensure perfect quality in all parts created.

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